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dternity nominated for excellence and innovation technology


dternity has been nominated on the category best archive technology and media management by Panorama Audiovisual to their biennially awards for excellence and innovation technology in the Media & Entertainment industry

Panorama Audiovisual is a technical publication for Media & Entertainment professionals created in 2009 in Spanish Language covering the news and the most innovative of trends in the broadcast, film and news media industry.

These awards aim to recognize excellence, technological development and innovation of companies, professionals and productions in television, film, radio and advertising.

The objective of these awards is to energize the sector by promoting organizations to better use technology to be competitive, as well as to recognize those projects and most innovative productions.

The thirteen categories of these awards recognize both equipment and technological solutions, facilities and projects, as well as the technical execution of television and radio programs, film productions and advertising pieces.

In addition to these categories, there is the Panorama a Toda Vida Award, which is awarded annually by direct designation of the Panorama Audiovisual editorial staff to a professional in recognition of a long career linked to technology in television, film, radio or advertising.

dternity, has been nominated on the category best archive technology and media management.

Every two years, Panorama Audiovisual awards for excellence and innovation technology in the Media and Entertainment:

  • Until April 2nd – readers of Panorama Audiovisual are invited to vote the companies nominated (https://www.panoramaaudiovisual.com/votaciones-premios-2018/)
  • April 3rd – the three companies with the most number of votes per category will be published on their site
  • An independent jury of 11 members will vote and select the winner per category taking into consideration the technology development of the solution, excellence and innovation of the company for TVs, cinema, radio and advertising Industry. 
  • The awards will be given to the selected companies on May 8th, during the BIT Audivisual Broadcast Fair in Madrid

Read our article in Spanish in the home page of Panorama Audiovisual.


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