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d:ternity - Archivierung von Firmendaten


The ultimate archiving solution for your corporate data


As a world leading manufacturer of tape storage media, FUJIFILM now offers
a programme of optimised services for archiving big data volumes.

Our solution is called dternity, and it addresses all of the disparate considerations of
long-term corporate data archiving in a single, long-awaited concept: low administrative
commitment for maintenance, substantial cost savings and certified security standards
at all process levels – while observing compliance guidelines.

dternity – your data from today for eternity.

dternity helps to lower the cost of archiving your data significantly – providing palpable relief for your IT budget.
Lower costs
dternity guarantees the highest possible level of security for your data in the IT centre in Germany – and ensures that compliance requirements are met in full.
High compliance
dternity reduces your IT commitment considerably – and frees up important resources.
Less work commitment
dternity dternity provides you with a total overview of all your archived data – including data recall functions.
Uncomplicated data availability
dternity transfers your new generated archive data easily and securely – thanks to application of the FUJIFILM Appliance.
Automatische Archivierung
dternity is compatible with any industry-specific backup software and all media formats, e.g. from industrial, insurance, banking or film production sources.
High compatibility
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