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d:ternity - Archivierung von Firmendaten



In the dternity archive, your data is saved in an innovative, format-neutral state. This means that data can be recalled from the archive very simply, even after prolonged storage.

  • Request for data recall via web portal
    An individual online web portal is provided to enable administration of individual data stocks. The web portal can be used to check data stocks (review of metadata), also to request a data recall or to request deletion of data. Predefined access rights of different users are monitored by a password-protected authorisation structure.
  • Data recall
    • The requested data can be made prepared for retrieval via a secure data link or transferred to any desired backup format and made available on any desired medium within the agreed delivery time.
    • The choice of output medium (USB stick, CD, DVD, BR, tape) depends on the volume and the agreed availability time, and is specified individually. Availability for download via FTP is limited to 10 GB/call.
  • Restoration of program and system environments
    Upon request, entire program and system environments can be requested as a special service. In this case, our specialists will be glad to advise and assist you in reintegrating the archive data in your company.

dternity – simple, convenient data recall as necessary.

In your dternity web portal you can
start a data recall request

The delivery of the requested data
is possible in any media format

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