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d:ternity - Archivierung von Firmendaten



Conventional archiving methods have serious disadvantages: the need to provide suitable accommodation space, hardware, software and personnel, and also cross-generation compatibility problems with existing archives all engender high costs. Labour- and cost-intensive checks on the consistency of existing archives as well as conversion and migration processes must be performed regularly.

The new solution is called dternity. FUJIFILM backs up customer archive data and stores it format-neutrally in a highly secure computing centre – API backups can also be carried out according to requirements. This means that costly conversions/migrations and periodic data security checks can be dispensed with in future. The data can be made available at any time regardless of storage medium backup software version or format, or it can be delivered via a secure FTP server.

This all results not only in significant cost reduction but also a legally compliant, flexible, long-term solution that is geared to the future. All archive data are displayed on a clearly organised web portal. There, archive data can be consolidated and data recall processes initiated.

dternity – the new way to archive!

High costs and conversion problems – the biggest drawbacks with conventional methods.
Reduced costs and resource commitment, a highly secure, controlled method – that is dternity.
Costs under control: with moderate monthly fees, your budget can now also be planned for the long term.
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